About us

Making Waves is an international, intergenerational, intersectional feminist collective of women working together for common aims of gender equality, gender-based violence, HIV and sexual and reproductive rights, and for mutual exchange, collaboration and amplification of the work done by networks and organisations led by women, girls and gender-diverse people everywhere.

Making Waves amplifies the advocacy work women, girls and gender-diverse people are doing around the world through collaborating and documenting the priorities and perspectives that come from our global collective expertise.

Making Waves started in May 2020. It arose from the work of Salamander Trust, and the connections made over three decades between women activists with lived experience and their allies working on HIV, gender equality, violence against women, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and rights more broadly.

Our core principles

  • Foregrounding the lived experiences and expertise of women in all our diversity
  • Movement building
  • Systemic transformation
  • Feminist and intersectional
  • Trans inclusive  
  • Making care visible and valued
  • Upending the hierarchy of evidence
  • Examining and challenging power
  • Co-authoring and collaborating – no hierarchies
  • Women-led and women-centred
  • Accessibility and digital inclusion