Resources co-authored by Making Waves

Salamander Trust, 4M Mentor Mothers Network, Positive Young Women Voices, Making Waves, CFAR-Uganda (2020) Women Working Virtually: A Protocol for Digital Communications.

Resources by organisations of women living with HIV

Violence against women living with HIV

Luciano, D., Negrete, M., Vázquez, M.J., Hale, F., Salas, J., Alvárez-Rudín, M.,
Arends, M., Cano, A., Iacono, M., Sánchez, M., Cabezas, M., Chete, B., Flores, G., García, F., Herreira, ML., López, L., Ramírez, B., Soto, EM. (2020). Estudio Regional sobre Violencia y Mujeres con VIH en América Latina. ICW Latina, Hivos, Development Connections y Salamander Trust. Nicaragua.

This Latin America and Caribbean regional study of violence against women living with HIV took place in 7 countries, led by women living with HIV and with the involvement of 955 women living with HIV including Indigenous, Garifuna, Afrodescendent and young women. As well as the full report, it produced the following documents in Spanish:

The results of the study are available in summary form in English in the following documents:

Rights violations in healthcare settings

ICW East Africa (2015) Sexual Reproductive Health and Rights Violations Experienced By Women Living With HIV Within HIV And Reproductive Health Clinical Settings and Community Settings.