The WHAVE podcast

The WHAVE podcast was established by Salamander Trust as a space for women living with HIV to talk about their advocacy, activism and peer support work on sexual and reproductive health and rights.

The financial support of UNAIDS to Salamander Trust for Series 1 of The WHAVE podcast series and the thematic papers arising from it is gratefully acknowledged. However, their content and ideas expressed therein do not necessarily reflect the views and opinions of UNAIDS or engage the responsibility of UNAIDS.

Series 2 of The WHAVE, produced by Making Waves, will be starting soon – watch this space.

Meanwhile, you can listen to the 13 episodes of Series 1 at, or on your usual podcast platform (iTunes,  Google or Spotify). Series 1 includes 9 episodes in English, 3 in Spanish and 1 in French.

You can also read The WHAVE Podcast Papers, which bring together the main themes that came up in Series 1.

The WHAVE Series 1, produced by Salamander Trust with funding from UNAIDS:

#1 (English) Lucy Wanjiku Njenga, Kenya. Why restrict access to the antiretroviral drug Dolutegra- vir for women of reproductive age?

#2 (French) Francine Nganhale, Cameroon. The importance of peer support for women living with HIV in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

#3 (Spanish) L’Orangelis Thomas, Puerto Rico. Women living with HIV, sexual health and pleasure.

#4 (Spanish) MariJo Vázquez, Spain. Learning from women living with HIV: training for medical students.

#5 (English) Resty Nalwanga, Uganda. Peer mentoring for young mothers living with HIV.

#6 (English) Martha Tholanah, Zimbabwe. ‘Why am I even being screened if I have no recourse if I need further treatment?’ Cervical cancer and women living with HIV.

#7 (English) Bakita Kasadha, UK. Research with us, not about us: meaningful involvement of peo- ple living with HIV.

#8 (English) Bakita Kasadha, UK. Undetectable = Untransmittable: transforming the way we feel about ourselves as women living with HIV.

#9 (English) Lucy Wanjiku Njenga, Kenya. A success story for collective campaigning: overturning the ‘restriction’ on Dolutegravir for women of reproductive age.

#10 (English) Rahayu Rahmat, Malaysia. Women living with HIV, sex workers and women who use drugs: challenges in accessing sexual and reproductive health and rights.

#11 (Spanish) Mariana Iacono, Argentina. Women living with HIV in Argentina, our priorities.

#12 (English) Longret Kwardem, UK. 4M Mentor Mothers: where is the funding?

#13 (English) Longret Kwardem, UK. Peer research and meaningful involvement of women living with HIV, an ongoing challenge.

Some issues come up time and again in different episodes. These are now brought together in this collection of thematic papers to support the dissemination of key messages arising from The WHAVE podcast.

Podcast Papers in English

  • Paper #1: Funding for organisations of women living with HIV
  • Paper #2: Access to sexual and reproductive health and rights and HIV services for women and girls living with HIV
  • Paper #3: Equal partners: recognising the expertise of women living with HIV
  • Paper #4: A how-to guide to making a podcast for women living with HIV

Podcast Papers in Spanish

  • Artículo 1: Financiación de organizaciones de mujeres viviendo con VIH
  • Artículo 2: Acceso a la salud y los derechos sexuales y reproductivos y servicios de VIH para mujeres y niñas con VIH
  • Artículo 3: Socias en igualdad: reconocer la expertitud de las mujeres viviendo con VIH

Podcast Papers in French

  • Résumé #1 : Financement pour les organisations de femmes vivant avec le VIH