Elidah Maita

Elidah is an ardent, active and bold youth rights activist who cares about Human  Rights, championing for the Rights of Girls, Women and the LGBTIQ+ persons. She is not afraid to challenge Human Rights Violations of our time envisioning communities where one’s gender identity and/or sexual orientation should not be a barrier to equal opportunities and Rights and a world where Girls and women are free of Gender Based Violence. Her work is rooted in the intersections of Human Rights, Diversity and social justice.

Elidah has six years professional experience in Gender diverse and Health advocacy work sharing expertise in social media advocacy, leadership, youth engagement, community organizing and mobilization, campaigning boldly for change liaising with various CSOs and partners both at local , national and international levels.

She firmly believes in the power and the beauty of embracing diversity to foster developmental change. Elidah is a writer, writing to share experiences and responding to violations of Human Rights. She can be found tweeting far too much @Elidah-22 challenging the inequalities.