International Workshop on HIV & Women 2022 abstract deadline Feb 4

The deadline for abstract submissions to this workshop has been extended to tomorrow, February 4 2022. Check out the workshop website for details of the programme and abstract submission guidelines. Abstracts can be submitted under the following categories:

– Epidemiology of HIV in Women and Girls
– HIV Prevention in Women (Including PrEP)
– Diagnosis and Treatment of HIV
– Contraception, Pregnancy, Breastfeeding, and Vertical Transmission
– Co-Morbidities in Women Living With HIV
– Underrepresented Populations: People Working in the Sex Industry, Transgender Women, Adolescents
– Challenges for Women Living With HIV: Mental Health, Poverty, Trauma
– Impact of COVID-19
– Other Research Relevant to HIV and Women

The workshop will be held fully virtually from 6 to 8 April.  

Making Waves is happy to be a new endorser of this workshop

We are glad to be joining other community endorsers such as 4M Network, the Global Network of Young People living with HIV (Y+), the International Community of Women living with HIV East Africa, ICW North America, Athena Network and others. We are delighted to know that there is involvement of women living with HIV in the planning committee and in some places as speakers. 

As new endorsers, we’ll be keen to find out more about how the workshop promotes and supports meaningful involvement of women living with HIV from different international contexts and across the full programme. We hope to see space in the programme for women to provide community perspectives in each session, including on COVID-19, women’s leadership, and the issues that form part of the ‘hot topics’ debate such as breastfeeding PrEP, mental health and loneliness. 

Women living with HIV as equal partners in research

At Making Waves we seek to contribute to building the evidence base through foregrounding lived experience and the voices and views of women on gender equality, HIV, violence, and sexual and reproductive health and rights. Making Waves brings the abundant lived experiences of women into research, policy and practice in numerous ways: through peer research, podcasts, publications, conference abstracts and peer-reviewed articles. Women living with HIV should be valued for what they do to steer, conduct, analyse and disseminate research and information about issues that affect them, as equal partners

We advocate for women and their organisations who are involved in the production of research and resources to be named as co-authors and/or contributors, and to be invited as speakers. This matters because women are often excluded from authorship and presentation of research and articles that use their analysis of their lived experiences.

For more about our work on research, see ‘Less talking about us, more hearing from us’, our poster for AIDS2020. Also see our blog about the challenges of submitting this poster as community authors, and a 2020 BMJ blog co-authored by Making Waves members on ‘How to include the perspectives of women living with HIV in research’. 

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