Welcome to Making Waves

Making Waves is a loose collective of women providing each other with mutual support and connection internationally, and working together for common aims in relation to gender equality, HIV and sexual and reproductive rights. It is not a funded network, but a platform for mutual exchange, sharing, collaboration and amplification of the work done by women’s networks and organisations everywhere.

We are an international network of women interested in using our creativity to bring together formal evidence and lived experiences to advocate for policies, processes and programmes to improve the quality of life of women and girls in all our diversity around the world. We want a world where all of us, with our different life experiences, preferences and priorities, are valued and supported – a world in which all women and girls everywhere are able to live well, free of violence, sexism and discrimination.

Collectively we have been working for gender equality for a long time. We are tired of having to say the same thing, over and over again. We are tired of being expected to be so reasonable, so apologetic, so patient. The global coronavirus pandemic has heightened the urgency.

We don’t want to play the long game any more – we want things to change now, we want to make waves now. We are collaborating, speaking out, researching, and working actively to contribute to making that happen.

We focus on working alongside other networks and in collaborations among women living with and affected by HIV (and their allies) to create the conditions for gender equality, sexual and reproductive health and rights, and a world free of violence against women. We do this by bridging and bringing together the formal evidence and the lived experiences.